I had a booth at the Inman Park Festival this weekend and it was incredible! I’ve only been in business for less than a year, so there are still a lot of festivals and events around town that I haven’t participated in yet. This festival was my biggest event yet – it typically draws 50,000 people. I was ready! I brought a ton of new products including these “I Was Petty Today” shirts. They sold out on the first day! (I give a lot of credit to an early customer – I told him that if he put the shirt on right then and there I’d give him $5 off. He did! I ended up getting a flood of customers soon after he left).

(Photo #8 – credit Monica Martino / Lemon Zesty)

I also debuted a “Beeker / Resist” shirt and an “I Will Cut You” cat shirt. Since we seem to live in a bizarre world where science needs to be defended and protected, it was no surprise that the Beekers were another big seller.

(Photo #9 – credit Monica Martino / Lemon Zesty)

Locals were telling me that it almost always rains one of the two festival days, but we got so lucky and had perfect weather both days. It felt like all of Atlanta was partying! There was even a parade (including the World’s Largest Gathering of Gnomes) that went directly past my booth.

It was a really great weekend and I can’t wait to do it again!

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