I have some wonderful news! If you have been following me on Instagram, then you know alllll about my Arbuckle obsession.

And if you haven’t, allow me to introduce you to my favorite IG celebrity and all-around Good Boy. Arbuckle is a dog who was found abandoned in a field in L.A. at the end of 2017. He was horrifically overweight and Animal Control actually thought at first that he was an escaped farm pig (!). It turned out that he had an undiagnosed hypothyroid condition that had caused him to gain a tremendous amount of weight. Because he had once been spayed, the rescue group surmised that he might have been abandoned by his family. In any case, he was quite near death when he was found, and had no “zest” in him. He was unable to walk and had to be rolled on a little cart.

Photo Credit: A Purposeful Rescue
Photo Credit: A Purposeful Rescue
Photo Credit: A Purposeful Rescue










Arbuckle was rescued by A Purposeful Rescue, sent to a foster home, put on meds for his thyroid condition, and eventually adopted by Jane Lynch (yes, the award-winning actress / singer / author / comedienne) and her partner Jennifer. And under their care, he has been thriving!

Arbuckle’s Instagram page is an oasis of positivity and inspiration, and I’m one of the many thousands who follow along with his milestones big and small. His struggles and triumphs are so inspiring! He has weigh-ins every two weeks and so far has lost about 15lbs (with ~35lbs still to go).

He had a weigh-in this week, and on a whim I decided to draw a little sketch of him and to tag @allaboutarbuckle in it. His mom loved the sketch, and reposted it on her page! People seemed to like it, so that got me thinking that maybe I could paint a whole series and auction my originals off for charity. I reached out to Arbuckle’s mom Jennifer and told her I wanted to draw a “Thunder of Arbuckles” (it just seemed like a group of Arbuckles should be called “a thunder”). She loved the idea, so I got to work!

To be continued…

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